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Prep opens online oil management shop

Prep’s expert oil management guides and essential tools are now available to buy via Amazon, at the Prep Oil Management Shop 

Prep opens online oil management shop

Prep, the high performance frying oil brand from AAK Foodservice Ltd, launched the shop in response to customer demand for oil management tools and advice, often following a visit and consultation from Prep’s oil management experts.

Prep brand manager Olivia Shuttleworth said: “Prep can help caterers produce food that looks and tastes great, but frying oil also needs to be looked after properly in order to get the best performance from it.

“The Prep Oil Management Shop makes all our guides and tools available to every caterer who wants to use industry-leading techniques that will improve the quality of their food and extend the life of their oil.”

Products in the shop include a stainless steel thermometer with meat, fish poultry and chip indicators to ensure food is fried at the correct temperature; Prep Sticks to check oil colour against a chart showing when oil should be changed; a training DVD taking the viewer through all the stages of oil management; and a specially designed, long-handled, stainless steel skimmer to remove food particles left in the oil.

Also available are complete oil management kits containing a full set of tools and guides, filtration kits and oil discard kits.

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