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Are you ready to face the festive vegan challenge?

Four cauli roasts, three French beans, two tofu buns…

Plant-based diets are simple in summer – all those crisp salads, cold platters and fresh and zesty grain-based lunches.

Come the colder weather, people crave hearty, warming dishes, often made with meat, cheese, creamy sauces and buttery bakes.

Christmas, then, throws down a gauntlet to the most skilled caterers, to keep the vegan ball rolling through the cold, winter months.

For a showpiece festive feast that might even attract the omnivores, offer the Christmas Artisan Vegan Roast, full of iron, protein and fibre.

Combine red lentils with a mixture of finely chopped ingredients including red onion, garlic, carrots, leek, butternut squash, fresh herbs, apricots, cranberries, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, mixed nuts and chestnuts.

Flavour with Lion Middle Eastern hot sauce or Maple & Bourbon BBQ sauce, bind with flaxseed egg substitute, press into a baking dish or loaf tin, and bake until brown and crisp at the edges. Serve with roast sweet potatoes and parsnips, drizzled with a vegetable gravy.

Need to cater for grab-and-go customers? Simple – serve slices or chunks of the roast in a vegan flatbread or wrap with herby stuffing, Vegan Mayo and baby spinach.

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