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Chinese New Year is a great excuse to put a carnival of Asian-style dishes on the menu.

Go Pan-Asian for Chinese New Year

Take inspiration from the whole of the far east to offer a tempting variety of flavours and ingredients to suit all customers’ tastes.

Stir-fries are a must – they’re delicious, simple, full of nutritious vegetables and very versatile. Offer a choice of meats and seafood, or veggie options such as tofu or protein-rich cashew nuts, mushrooms and broccoli.

The secret is to slice thinly, fry quickly, and finish cooking with a punchy and aromatic sauce, like Asian Ginger, Chilli and Garlic Sticky Sauce from Lion World Flavours.

It’s a versatile, classic blend of Asian flavours that not only lifts a stir fry to new heights but also works as a fantastic topping, marinade or glaze. Serve it as a dip with mini fishcakes or spring rolls, or brush over chicken wings before grilling.

Chinese-style ribs are a perennial favourite. Make it easy by smothering pre-cooked pork ribs with Chinese Char Sui BBQ Sauce before heating to create a rich, sticky glaze that looks and smells as delicious as it tastes.

Korean BBQ is one of the biggest trends in world food at the moment, with its warming and aromatic flavours of garlic and soy. Add it to pulled pork or chicken and serve in buns or baguettes; use it with king prawns and crisp shredded vegetables and serve in a bowl wth fried rice.

For a taste of Thailand that also works beautifully with a Chinese-style menu, try Thai Honey Sticky Sauce. Smother it over grilled chicken skewers or serve as a dip with tempura fried vegetable sticks.

Find out more about the World Flavours range – and contact us if you’d like to give them a try!

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