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Food trends come and go, but it seems the good old sandwich will always have its place on menus.

Liven up your menu ready for British Sandwich Week

Each year, around 4 billion sandwiches are bought in the UK from catering or retail outlets, with hungry consumers spending over £8bn annually (source: British Sandwich and Food To Go Association).

And, according to industry research, sales of sandwiches are growing year on year (source: Kantar).

Get ready for British Sandwich Week next month – 20th-26th May – with some fresh ideas to grab attention.

Mix up the mayo

A good mayo makes a great base for new sandwich creations. We created our Premium Vegan Mayo to be free from all common allergens, including mustard – and it’s definitely not just for vegans.

Use your mayo as a base for a whole world of on-trend flavours, by adding a dash of sauce.

Adobo Hot Sauce + Premium Vegan Mayo + roast chicken = Mexican-inspired fajita wrap.
Middle Eastern Hot Sauce + Premium Vegan Mayo + falafel = spicy vegan masterpiece.
Medium Buffalo Sauce + Premium Vegan Mayo + slow-cooked beef brisket = tantalisingly sharp and spicy New York-style lunch.

Superfood sarnies

Lean, protein-packed superfood sandwiches are a must for customers who are powering-up for an active lifestyle.

Stuff a toasted ciabatta with avocado, smoked salmon, iceberg lettuce and fresh tomatoes – and turn it into a tantalising feast with sweet and spicy Lion Thai Honey Sticky Sauce. The combination of the earthy smoke of the salmon, nutty creaminess of the avocado and the deep, smooth warmth of honey and Thai spice is unbeatable.

Old faithfuls

Over 75% of sandwiches bought contain either chicken, cheese, bacon, egg or ham, according to Kantar. Many people prefer plain sandwiches, so don’t forget about this important customer base – you can always offer the option to spice things up with a dash of fiery and fruity Habanero Hot Sauce or sweet and smoky Maple & Bourbon BBQ sauce.

The plant pound

We keep hearing that vegan food is everywhere, but many outlets are still way behind the times – and they’re missing a trick!

It’s easy to bring a vegan dimension to all-time favourites: Layer seitan, vegan “bacon” or plant-based chicken-style slices to make a vegan club sandwich, together with juicy tomatoes, grilled peppers, crisp lettuce and avocado, with a generous helping of Premium Vegan Mayo. Customers will soon spread the word for you!

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