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How was Dry January for you? A drop in the ocean, or a tidal wave of fresh ways to capitalise on health kicks?

Mocktails too moreish to keep for Dry January

Each year, forgoing alcohol for a month becomes less of a challenge for consumers, as the choice of soft drinks available in pubs, bars and restaurants gets broader all the time.

Soft drinks now account for 56% of all drinks ordered while eating out in the UK, while 12% of pub turnover comes from soft drinks (source: Mintel).

But that doesn’t mean sticking to cola or lemonade. Consumers now expect something a little more special when they eat out, so rustle up some premium mocktails to tempt them to come back for more. Lion fruit coulis are perfect for mocktails, adding rich, natural fruit flavours and bursts of vibrant colour – in an instant!

Apple and Mango Bellini: Stir together equal amounts of chilled non-alcoholic sparkling cider and Lion Mango Coulis. Serve with ice and a slice of mango.

Strawberry Daiquiri: Add Lion Strawberry Coulis and a freshly squeezed dash of lime juice to sparkling lemonade, mix with crushed ice and pour into a sugar-rimmed glass.

Tuscan Limoncello Dream: Start with pear juice – the smooth, thick variety, made with pear purée – and add ginger cordial, orange juice and Lion Limoncello Coulis. Garnish with mint leaves.

Ready for more inspiration? Download our latest insight paper, with exciting ideas for smoothies and mocktails including Blueberry Mojito, Passionfruit Mule, Mango Mint Lassi, and the gorgeously decadent Chocolate Raspberry Virgin Martini.

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