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Coeliac Awareness Week, from 14th to 20th May, turns the spotlight on gluten-free food.

Source the right sauces for Coeliac Awareness Week

Using the right gluten-free ready-made sauces means you can offer tasty on-trend cuisine that is suitable for everyone, including those who have coeliac disease.

Dishes based on lean meats, vegetables and gluten-free carbohydrate such as potatoes, rice and rice noodles are not only perfect for the health-conscious diner, but suit those that need to steer away from malt and wheat.

Coeliac UK estimates that the catering industry could make an extra £100 million a year by catering better for people with coeliac disease.

Make sure you open your proverbial doors by including plenty of suitable options.

A Middle Eastern Shakshuka is a tasty, yet simple, vegetarian and gluten-free choice.

A poached egg tops a rich tomato sauce enhanced by Middle Eastern Hot Sauce which uses seven traditional Baharat spices to bring spicy, complex and balanced heat to dishes. Serve with a gluten-free bread roll.

Chilli is always a crowd-pleaser – simmer ground beef or Quorn in Mexican Adobo Hot Sauce with its sweet ancho chilli and notes of bitter chocolate and serve on a bed of Mexican rice with a swirl of smoky chipotle mayonnaise.

Succulent pulled meats are naturally gluten-free – try Maple and Bourbon or Louisiana BBQ-glazed ribs with Cajun-spiced vegetarian jambalaya and corn-on-the-cob, or piled high on jacket potatoes and dirty fries.

It’s nearly the season for summer salads which are suitable for many diets and require minimal prep time.

Try Quinoa, Feta and Pomegranate Salad, the ideal light menu option which is colourful, delicious and easy to make.

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