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We’ve embraced the seasons with a spring clean across the Lion range by sprucing up our recipes and on-pack communications, as we look to ensure our recipes meet evolving consumer demands.

Time for a Spring clean

Clean eating is one of the driving forces behind emerging food trends, according to MCA’s Healthier Eating Report, 2019. This means fewer additives, allergens and preservatives, with an emphasis on great flavour from real herbs, spices and plants.

At Lion, we continuously review and refresh our recipes to ensure they live up to our Pride Promise. This means keeping up with current industry and health guidelines and leading the way in the latest food trends. Most importantly of all, we ensure that this is done without compromising on flavour and quality.

The latest products to have an ingredient makeover include Prawn Cocktail, Tartare Sauce and Ranch Dressing, with Sticky BBQ Sauce, Habanero Hot Sauce and Very Hot Chilli Sauce undergoing recipe improvements later in the year.

As sauce visionaries we continually look towards consumer trends, and in-line with the continued rise in vegan dishes, we have also increased our range of vegan sauces, with Garlic and Herb Dressing soon to be free from egg and dairy, and our popular Chipotle Mayo soon to be vegan, too.

Menu idea: Fabulous Fish Kebabs

Rediscover Tartare Sauce, full of the piquant flavours of gherkins and capers, with our Fabulous Fish Kebabs. Cut pieces of firm, meaty fish such as halibut or monkfish into 2.5cm chunks. Marinate for 30 minutes with lemon juice, black pepper, paprika, olive oil, red onion, salt and crushed garlic, then thread on to skewers and grill. Serve with shredded iceberg lettuce, rice and a hearty dollop of Lion Tartare Sauce, along with a ramekin of crushed peas and broad beans for a shot of extra protein and fibre.

Fancy heating things up a little? Use Sauceology: add wasabi paste to the Tartare Sauce for a fiery kick!

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