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Flavours from around the world captured the attention of Casual Dining Show visitors tas we revealed our full range of World Flavours sauces and dressings.

Which vegan food did our Casual Dining visitors crave the most?

We served up delicious canapes to show off our new sauces – and in the process, made a crucial discovery that is about to change the face of 2018’s menus.

Jackfruit! Everyone wanted jackfruit. For many years a delicacy among experienced vegan foodies, jackfruit, when slow-cooked, beautifully mimics pulled pork. Rich in dietary fibre, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, it’s also nutritious and healthy.

Our friends at Graze created some amazing dishes, including Pulled Jackfruit Crisp Taco Cups with Mexican Adobe Hot Sauce – and it wasn’t long before we had to disappoint visitors who’d arrived too late to try the fruit du jour.

We also learned that Americana is the trend that keeps growing, with chefs and caterers keen to try our range of US-inspired sauces and dressings.

But out of all 17 products in the World Flavours collection, the most often-requested was our Thai Honey Sticky Sauce. Putting a fresh spin on Thai sweet chilli, our sauce brings a new smoothness and depth of flavour to Pan-Asian dishes, and went perfectly with Tiger Prawn Skewers at the show.

Are you using jackfruit on your menu? Which flavours work well with it? Email and tell us more!

Lion World Flavours can be used across the menu as dips, toppings, marinades, glazes and cooking ingredients to bring a world of flavours to dishes.  All are suitable for vegetarians, and most are also vegan. Learn more here.

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