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Heat up your menu with amazing Mexican spice, simply by adding Lion World Flavours.

World Flavours: Hot, spicy and bursting with a taste of Mexico

Mexican-inspired food is one of the hottest dining trends in the UK, fuelling a surge in new restaurants, diners and street food trucks.

Customers can’t get enough of the heat, spice and flavour of the signature dishes of Mexico and South America. That’s why Lion has introduced the World Flavours Mexican collection – to make it quick and simple to invigorate your menu with tastes as fascinating and exciting as the country that created them.

The World Flavours Mexican collection comprises Chipotle Mayonnaise, Mexican Adobo Hot Sauce and Habanero Hot Sauce. But while you’ve probably enjoyed these flavours time and time again, do you know what gives them their bold, distinctive characters?

What is a Habanero?

A very hot chilli pepper, originally from the Amazon but later spreading towards Mexico where it is now widely grown. It once held the distinction of being the world’s hottest chilli – but the title has since been taken by other species such as the ghost pepper!

What is Adobo?

Simply, a style of cooking raw food, particularly meat, in a sauce spiced with paprika, herbs, garlic, salt and other fabulous flavours. Spanish and Portuguese in origin, its influence spread to South America and Mexico… and now the rest of the world is tucking in.

And Chipotle?

Jalapeños, smoked and dried, to create an ingredient with a medium-hot, earthy flavour – often ground and mixed into sauces, pastes, dips and mayonnaise to add a new depth of taste to a huge range of dishes.

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