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The key to creating good food is giving people what they want and satisfying their demands.

Lion Insight: The Art of Good Food

What do consumers want?

In our latest Insight Paper, The Art of Good Food, we reveal the hottest trends shaping the foodservice landscape right now, including:

  • Health is a key trend, with 47% of consumers reducing their fat intake, and a 50% rise in lower-calorie options on menus…
  • …however this isn’t hampering a strong desire among consumers for sweet treats too!
  • Meat-free is still mainstream, with a 54.8% rise in vegan dishes on menus year on year.
  • Breakfast is a growing sector, with a 6% increase year on year
  • Feeding the FOMO generation: How menus must be all things to all people, both online and offline

Art or Craft? It's a bit of both

Creating great food is a craft. And, just as an artisan seeks out the finest materials, great chefs choose exceptional ingredients.

Today’s mindful consumers care about what goes into their food and look for:

  • Provenance
  • Craft
  • Authenticity 

It’s about the ingredients, the aesthetics, the craft and creativity.  Good food today demands healthiness, mindfulness, sustainability and ethics.

Download our latest Insight Paper

Download your full copy of our Lion Insight: The Art of Good Food Paper here

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