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Health, sustainability and environmental concerns have led to a rise in demand for creative meat-free menu choices.

Lion Insight: Meat-Free Goes Mainstream

Where once vegan food was classed as a niche interest area, it is now a rapidly growing trend.

With 44% of Brits either not eating meat, reducing the amount they eat or willing to cut down, according to the finding of NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey, it’s no wonder there is an increasing demand for plant-based options.

The Vegan Society estimates that half a million people in the UK are now vegan. The RSPCA, however, estimates the figure is closer to 3.5 million. Either way, this is a trend which is rapidly on the rise.

Embracing the plant pound

With a Vegan Society survey finding 91% of vegans still struggling to find food-to-go options last year, there is a real opportunity for the foodservice industry to further increase the levels of menu choice and embrace the ‘plant pound’.

Catering for vegan customers – or those who want to eat fewer animal products - is big business.

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