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Lion introduces SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion at the Casual Dining Show 2017

Disscover SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion: A masterclass in flavour at the Casual Dining Show 2017.

21st February 2017

Lion introduces SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion at the Casual Dining Show 2017

Lion, an AAK Foodservice brand, will launch SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion at Stand G21 on February 22nd and 23rd at the event at the BDC London.

SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion embraces the trend for homemade flavours using several different products – and challenges chefs to create an exciting array of sauces and dressings that will invigorate menus.
Rachel Neale, senior marketing manager at AAK Foodservice, says: “Think cocktails, but with sauces!

“SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion challenges the way chefs think about ready-made sauces by promoting each product as just one ingredient in a new creation, with endless possibilities for flavour. “One of the biggest trends in foodservice is homemade – but few caterers have time to prepare everything from scratch. Chefs have told us they create their own unique sauces by using several different products to achieve the flavour and texture they’re looking for.

“Now, with the expertise of celebrity chef Ben Bartlett, Lion’s brand ambassador, we’re revealing the secrets behind this technique, under the banner of SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion – a masterclass in flavour. “We’re twisting classics, shaking up tradition and fusing flavours in a quest for culinary brilliance.”

Ben will be demonstrating SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion at the Casual Dining Show and inviting visitors to sample new flavours with a range of foods at Stand G21.

Art or science? SAUCEOLOGY® by Lion is a splash of both, with a dash of inspiration and a slice of sorcery. Eight different flavour adventures await:

Fiery flavours to bring spice and intensity to dishes. From a soothing warmth to a knock-out punch, explore the possibilities here.

Cool and creamy, calm and flavoursome, this is the dream team for turning down the temperature.

Subverted, corrupted, mixed up and marvellous, Twisted Classics turn old favourites upside down and top them with a slice of WOW!

Pay homage to nothing. Unlearn everything you know. Brace yourself for a daring quest to conquer new flavours.

Just the tonic for dishes that need a touch of zest and a bit of zing, with fresh flavours to add pizazz to anyone’s day!

Saddle up for a sweet and smoky expedition into the world of American grills, smoke pits and spit-roasted beasts, shamelessly pimped up via the magic of sauces.

Fearlessly explore the world’s most compelling cuisines, from the exotic and mysterious to the tropical and fruity.

Reboot your menu with the flavours that fuel foodie fashions. Spied a new trend on the horizon? Shh... here’s how to make it work.

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