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Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to create stylish and sophisticated menus with a touch of decadence.

Add a drop of decadence to Valentine’s Day menus

Just for starters

Seafood starters are popular choices for Valentine’s menus as they scream luxury. This crisply-fried potato cake combined with the cool richness of sliced smoked salmon and served with a dollop of velvety horseradish cream ticks all the boxes in terms of taste and ease of preparation.

Simply fry seasoned grated potato in a blini pan using Prep Premium Groundnut Oil until golden brown and combine whipped double cream with creamed horseradish. Serve slices of salmon layered on top of your rosti for a straightforward yet stunning Valentine’s dish. See full recipe here..

Rich flavours

Menus featuring rich flavours such as wine and butter also convey a romantic feel. Creamy risotto using white wine, infused Prep Premium Garlic Oil and tangy parmesan cheese topped with fresh scallops is an appealing dish that can be either a starter or delicious main course.

Fry finely chopped shallots in butter and add Arborio rice. Pour in white wine and cook until evaporated. Add hot fish stock a ladleful at a time, stirring constantly, until the liquid has disappeared. Stir in roe butter, grated parmesan and garlic infused oil and cook while searing scallops in a pan until golden brown. Blanch Hispi cabbage, cut out six circles and fry in oil until crisp. Serve the risotto garnished with the crispy cabbage and the scallops. Read full recipe.. 

Make sure vegetarians don’t miss out with a number of meat-free options. Why not serve delicate angel hair pasta infused with Mediterranean flavours for a simple and fresh Valentine’s feast? 

Sharing platters

Sharing a dish with a loved one is a growing trend for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. Platters piled high with tasty tit-bits keep the atmosphere informal and keep the conversation flowing.

Thread sliced chorizo and scallops onto skewers and brush with Prep Premium FireHouse chilli oil along with some skewered tiger prawns. Cook on a hot skillet and serve garnished with salad leaves, fresh lemon and a sweet chilli dip.

Sweets for your sweet

What better way to end your romantic dinner date than sharing a raspberry chocolate cupcake, made all the more colourful and delicous by Prep Premium Fruit Condiments, see the full range here..

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