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The key to creating a delicious dish packed with pure, strong flavours is to use natural ingredients. Incorporating the freshest, seasonal produce into your menu is the most obvious way to give diners food to please their palate, but you can go one step further by ensuring your condiments are derived from natural sources, too.

Go au naturale for flavour

A simple drop or drizzle of oil or vinegar can make all the difference to a dish, so it’s important that the taste is of superior quality.

At Prep Premium, our infused and speciality oils and vinegars are not only created from the finest natural ingredients, but are carefully processed to achieve the very best taste. Here are some of the key ingredients that pack a punch in our products  …

Glorious garlic

Fantastic dipping and finishing, our garlic-infused oil is full of natural garlic, combined with olive oil, sunflower oil and salt. It brings extra depth to sauces and salad dressings, without being overpowering.

Brilliant balsamic

Our glossy, syrupy balsamic vinegar has a distinctive rich and sweet flavour, which is down to the fact it’s been carefully matured in wooden casks. It is sourced directly from Modena, in Italy, giving authentic flavour to salads and marinades.

Tantalising taste from the East

Bursting with traditional spices and ingredients used in Indian cuisine, our Hot Curryhouse oil, from our Flavourhouse range, gives authentic flavour to meat and fish, marinades, stir fries and potato dishes. The natural ingredients include ginger, garlic, chilli, coriander, fenugreek, capsicum, rosemary and paprika.

Sensational sesame

Bringing a delicious nutty flavour to dishes, toasted sesame oil is a staple of Pan-Asian cuisine. Our versatile version can be used in stir fries, or drizzled on noodles and salads.

Looking to add a dash of flavour to your summer menu? Be inspired by our Hot Lime Coriander Salmon recipe, which includes our chilli-infused oil.

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