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Celebrate National BBQ Week 29th May - 4th June

Let Prep Premium add flavour to your menu this National BBQ Week

Barbecue flavours and dishes cooked over open flame have never been more on trend – so make it as simple as possible to achieve fantastic flavour during the summer months with Prep Premium.

This National BBQ Week – 29th May to 4th June – Ben Bartlett, celebrity chef and author of The BBQ Owners’ Grilling Manual, offers some professional tips for creating an enticing summer barbecue offer.


The star performers

Traditional meaty favourites are essential. The scent of flame-grilled steaks, chops and skin-on chicken brushed with Prep Premium SmokeHouse oil is guaranteed to entice diners and drive sales.

Mediterranean-inspired grilled fish, like barbecued sardines or prawns, make excellent light-bite options. Drizzle with Prep Premium FireHouse for a hot and spicy kick – or Prep Premium Lemon-Infused Oil for a light and uplifting flavour.

Cater for vegetarians with vegetable skewers, chargrilled halloumi and corn on the cob, as well as the ever-popular veggie burgers and bangers. Brush with SmokeHouse oil before grilling to achieve the signature BBQ flavour.


Awesome sides

Up-sell and add interest with some great side dishes. Offer platters of speciality breads served with dipping oils infused with chilli or garlic and some exotic salads. Salpicão is a traditional Brazilian favourite – mix cooked shredded chicken breast with peas, sweetcorn, diced apples, raisins, lime juice and spring onions, stir together with mayonnaise and Prep Premium lemon-infused oil and top with a generous portion of straw potato chips.


Create ambience

If you’ve plenty of outside space, consider investing in a dedicated outdoor barbecue area, complete with an open gas or charcoal grill that’s visible to diners. The unique theatre and ambience created by visible flame and an open grill will help to entice customers and create a real summer dining destination – as long as there’s enough cover and heating to protect customers from the British weather!

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