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Salads are taking centre stage this summer – so bring yours to life with bursts of flavour from Prep Premium.

Turn summer salads into something special with Prep Premium

From a taste of the Mediterranean with oils infused with garlic, basil, chilli and lemon, to the deep, nutty flavours of walnut and toasted sesame, just a drop makes all the difference.

Liven up your summer menu with salads inspired by the world’s favourite cuisines.

Try grilled chicken with coleslaw, tomatoes and crisp leaves, all given the BBQ touch with Prep Premium Smokehouse oil, oak-smoked for an instant flame-grilled flavour.

Or bring a halloumi cous cous salad to a new level with Firehouse, adding fiery sriracha heat together with chilli and garlic.


Fancy sending your salads on a power trip?

Our superfood salad, from celebrity chef Ben Bartlett, makes an incredible power lunch and a fortifying alternative to a sandwich.

It’s lean, packed with protein, vitamins and fibre, and both satisfying and refreshing. The great news is that most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen.

Use sustainable wild salmon, baked, grilled or hot smoked, with a mixture of baby spinach leaves, avocado, shredded carrot, orange, pomegranate, quinoa and flax seed, brought to life with Prep Premium Firehouse and a touch of Lemon Oil.

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