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Confit of duck ravioli on wilted Lamb’s Lettuce, Foie Gras bonbon and a lemon oil dressing



280g Lamb's Lettuce

60ml Prep Premium Lemon Infused oil

4tbsp Prep Premium Balsamic vinegar

4 x 30g foie gras cubes

120g potato noodles

50g toasted pine nuts

100g watrcress


Confit Duck leg:

2 duck legs

1 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp sugar

2 star anise

8 coriander seeds

1/2 tsp peppercorns

Pinch of cinnamon

6 strips orange peel

10ml mirin

10ml hoi sin sauce


Pasta sheets:

500g flour

6 egg yolks

4 eggs

20ml olive oil


With the exception of the mirin and hoi sin sauce, massage all the ingredients for the confit into the duck legs cover and allow to dry marinate for 36 hours.  Place into a pre-heated oven at 145°C for 2 hours.  Pick and shred the meat from the confit duck legs and mix in hoi sin cause and mirin, season to taste and pack the confit into 6cm tall confit cylinders, keep hot.  

Prepare the pasta sheets by processing the pasta sheets ingredients into a food processor or mix and knead in a bowl.  Leave to rest before passing through a pasta machine to form long sheets approx. 1mm or less in thickness.  Leave to rest for 10 minutes then, with an 8cm cutter, cut out as many discs as required.  Blanch 12 pasta discs (8 needed 4 as spares) in boiling salted water, keep warm.

In a hot pan wilt the watercress and Lamb's Lettuce, drain off the residual liquid and place the leaves onto a muslin cloth to dry, keep warm.  Season and flour the foie gras cubes and wrap with the potato noodles, deep fry until golden brown, drain well on kitchen paper.


To assemble:

In the centre of a large hot plate, place a cooked pasta disc.  Using an 8cm x 1cm ring mould fill with some of the confit and place on top of the pasta disc.  Cut a cross in the middle of another pasta disc and place on top of the confit, pulling downwards to allow the confit to show through the centre of the cross.  Top with the deep fried foie gras.  Garnish with the milted salad and pine nuts.  Drizzle with Prep Premium Lemon Infused oil and Prep Premium Balsamic Vinegar and serve immediately. 

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