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Crab, Asparagus and Lemon Salad


240g Lamb's Lettuce

200g Crab claw meat- picked

1 round of English asparagus

1 lemon- segmented and chopped

2 sprigs of finely chopped coriander

2 spring onions- finely chipped

20g crème fraîche

Salt and pepper


Lemon Dressing:

50ml Prep Premium Lemon Infused oil

15ml white wine vinegar

Salt & pepper


In a cool bowl mix together the crab meat, coriander, sping onion, creme fraiche and half the lemo, season to taste with salt and pepper.  

Bend the asparagus in half (it will snap where it becomes woody( peel from below the tips.  Cook in boiling salted water then refresh in iced water, drain well and pat dry.  Arrange the spears on to a plate, drizzle with some of the lemon dressing.

Arrange the crap meat mixture onto the plate.  Lightly toss the Lamb's Lettuce in the remaining lemon dressing and arrange on top of the crab meat.


Lemon Dressing:

Using a fork, lightly combine the Infused oil and white wine vinegar.  Season to taste.

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