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Hot Lime Coriander Salmon



200g Lamb's Lettuce

80g curly endive



25ml Prep Premium Groundnut oil

25ml Prep Premium Chilli infused oil

25ml rich vinegar

15ml cold water

12g julienne fresh Kaffir leaves

Salt, pepper and sugar to taste


Salmon Marinade:

1 salmon fillet- pin boned and skinned (480g approx)

200g ugar

120g sea salt

15g mustard seeds

10g crushed black peppercorns

3 limes- thinly sliced

125g coriander leaf- chopped



40g diced cucumber- peeled and deseeded

40g tomato concasee

40g diced red onion

25g chopped chives


Lay the fresh lime slices onto a long strip of cling-film, place the salmon on top of the lime slices , mix the remaining marinade ingredients together and spread over the salmon fillet.  Wrap in the cling-film and refrigerate for 52 hours.

Toss the Lamb's Lettuce and curly endive together with a little of the Prep Premium Groundnut oil.  Place a dome-shaped pile of salad into the centre of 4 plates.  Toss together all the ingredients for the caponata and place in a circle around the edge of the plates, leaving a 4cm gap between the salad and the caponata.


Make the dressing by whisking the remaining Prep Premium Groundnut oil and Prep Premium Chilli Infused oil into the rice vinegar and water, add the julienne of Kaffir leaves and season to taste.  Remove the salmon from the marinade and cut into 4 x 120g nuggets; fry in hot Prep Premium Groundnut oil to colour the outside.  Slice the salmon in half laterally, and place, offset =, onto the domed salad mix.  Finally drizzle the dressing over the caponata.

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