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Are you missing out on vegan customers?

There’s no question that meat-free diets are now commonplace in the UK. But did you know that the number of vegans has grown 360% in 10 years and continues to rise?

Are you missing out on vegan customers?

As with any special diet, finding somewhere to eat out can be a challenge for vegans, as they need to be confident that an outlet understands their requirements. That means no animal products, including dairy, eggs, and even honey.

And, if one member of a party is vegan, it’s likely that they’ll influence the choice of venue for any group meals or celebrations.

As well as the half a million people who are now vegan, many more are choosing to eat plant-based dishes more frequently, for health or ethical reasons.

So why not be one of the trusted venues for vegans and their friends?


Here are a few pointers…

  • If possible, keep a separate counter-top fryer for vegetarian or vegan food, so that it’s not cooked in the same oil as meat or fish. Vegans will appreciate it – and word will spread!
  • Try to use separate kitchen equipment, utensils, work surfaces and serving plates.
  • Offer alternatives to dairy, such as dairy-free margarine for sandwiches, vegan “cheese”, and soya milk for hot drinks.
  • Stock ready-made vegan cakes and pastries, or team up with a specialist local baker.
  • Tell people! Use social media, leaflets, posters and the local newspaper to tell people you take vegan food seriously – it will be noticed.


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The greener way to fry

The environment and animal welfare are among the main reasons people adopt a vegan diet. If you use Prep, tell customers you’re helping to protect the rainforest and the animals that live there. Find out more here

Good oil management is also essential in order to improve the health aspects of your frying oil and reduce waste. Looking after your oil will help it to last longer, meaning fewer oil changes, and food that looks and tastes great at every fry.

Want to know more about good oil management?

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