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Celebrate National Fish & Chip Day on 2nd June with Prep

It’s National Fish & Chip Day on 2nd June, when we celebrate the iconic British dish.

Celebrate National Fish & Chip Day on 2nd June with Prep

The idea of pairing deep-fried, battered fish with chipped potatoes is a work of culinary genius. But whether customers top their fish and chips with mushy peas, salt and vinegar, tartare sauce or even ketchup, it’s vital to get the basics right – starting with your frying oil.

Find out how to choose the right oil for your frying needs – and how to get the best performance from it.


Fishy facts – the history of our favourite dish

Fried, battered fish served with chips make their first appearance in the history books around 1860 – but several places and names lay claim to having “invented” the dish!

Some food historians say fried battered fish was the influence of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian immigrants who brought their own culinary specialities to the British Isles in the 1800s, with a Belgian sharing his technique for potatoes cut into thin sticks and deep-fried.


Fish and chips were thought to be so crucial to sustenance and morale during the First and Second World Wars that supplies were not rationed.

Today, they’re just as important. Nutritious, satisfying and thoroughly delicious, they’re more than just a meal - they’re a feel-good dish.

High in calories and fat, fish and chips are not suitable to eat every day, but the fish is packed with nutrients, including vitamins C, B6 and B12, iron, zinc, calcium, iodine, fibre and omega 3.

And you know what they say: a little of what you fancy does you a whole lot of good. So put up the bunting for National Fish and Chip Day, tempt your customers to tuck in and celebrate our national dish!


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