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Is your frying oil letting down great cooking?

As food prices rise, customers cut back, and margins grow ever tighter, it’s never been more crucial to make the most of every penny you spend on food and kitchen supplies.

Is your frying oil letting down great cooking?

Frying oil is often the weakest link in a kitchen, letting down good food and skilled cooking by giving dishes a disappointing flavour, odour and appearance. It’s a waste of food, a waste of money and a wasted opportunity to win repeat custom!

Make sure every dish you cook tastes and looks its best, with a high performance frying oil that’s up to the job and lasts up to three times longer than its rivals – saving you money and boosting profits!

Prep has a frying oil specially developed for every type of food and kitchen – from those who fry chips occasionally to the ones who fry a variety of foods, all day, every day.

Smart oil management for longer life

It’s vital to take care of your oil with a simple routine that will make your oil last longer and continue turning out food that looks and tastes great.

Check out our 10 tips for keeping your oil in top condition – and discover some handy pieces of kit that are designed for the job. 

Have you downloaded our Prep oil management app? Search for Prep Oils on the Apple App Store or Google Play – it’s an industry-standard oil management course in a handy app.

Put your oil to the test

When customers demand great flavour and appealing dishes, you need the best possible frying oil – without blowing the budget.

Put your oil to the test with our deep-fried ice cream recipe, an enduring favourite that always gets people talking!

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