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Prep guide offers tips on sustainable frying

Prep has published a new guide to help caterers, restaurants and takeaways meet new sustainability targets.


Sustainability: Oiling the Wheels of Change makes the business case for working ethically as pressure grows on operators to show their commitment to responsible sourcing – particularly sustainable palm oil.

Prep guide offers tips on sustainable frying

Not only are customers more aware than ever of environmental issues in the food industry, but organisations are also increasingly stringent about green credentials when choosing suppliers.


In addition, leading names in the food industry have pledged to switch to sustainable oil sources by 2020 in order to help meet government targets.


Prep recently teamed up with Chester Zoo, wildlife conservationists, politicians and other leading food brands to discuss the environmental and social issues associated with unsustainable palm oil production.


Palm oil is the world’s most widely used vegetable oil and its stability at high temperatures make it ideally suited to frying.


However, it is essential to choose oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which certifies that oil has been produced in line with rules that outlaw harm to people, animals and the natural environment.


Prep was the first frying oil brand to support sustainable palm oil production and all our High Performance Frying Oils are made with RSPO-certified palm oil.


Prep’s new industry insights paper also looks at the issue of waste and recycling, and shows how packaging innovations and oil management can help your business become ‘greener’.


Download it here


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