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Prep your oil for a great-tasting festive season

Frying oil faces the biggest challenge of the year at Christmas, as festive gatherings and family meals put extra demands on busy kitchens.

Prep your oil for a great-tasting festive season

Make sure your oil is ready to cope – by selecting the right type for your needs and then take good care of it so that it lasts!

Which oil for which job?

A variety of high performance frying oils are available, each developed for a particular purpose.

Depending on how often you fry, and which types of food you cook, you need an oil that is up to the job. Otherwise, you risk over-spending on oil that’s over-qualified for the task, or ruining your food with the wrong choice.

Someone who cooks chips once a week needs a different oil from someone who fries chicken, chips and fish for several hours every day.

Try our simple online tool to work out which Prep oil is for you [].

Cared-for oil = happy customers

Whichever oil you choose, it’s vital to look after it. It will last longer, save you money, and produce food that looks and tastes great at every fry.

Skip the oil management and you risk damaging your reputation with food that simply isn’t at its best.

Top tips:

  • Skim regularly to remove particles of food
  • Never overfill the frying basket – this makes the oil temperature plummet
  • Turn the fryer off, or down, when you’re not using it
  • Remove as much moisture and excess crumb as possible before frying
  • Test the oil! Use Prep sticks to see if your oil needs changing

For more tips, see our oil management guide 

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