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Prep your oil regime for festive frying without stress

Christmas is here, and whilst there are real opportunities for outlets to capitalise on the festive period, the holiday season does present some real challenges in the kitchen.

Prep your oil regime for festive frying without stress

Busy services, Christmas parties and a big increase in the number of covers can put pressure on catering teams and equipment – and it’s important to do everything you can to minimise the stresses and strains during this critical time.


A fryer is for life – not just for Christmas!


Christmas food is all about celebration – satisfying, hearty dishes and comforting, calorific recipes.

The kitchen fryer is likely to see a big increase in action over the festive period – from party finger foods and platters, to the deep fried brie on the Christmas starter menu.

Looking after your frying oil over Christmas will provide real benefits, helping you to deliver delicious food, whilst cutting the costs and downtime associated with constantly changing the oil.

Effective oil management will make your oil last longer, which means fewer oil changes and less waste. It also helps to ensure fried foods look and taste better for longer, providing consistently great results with every fry.


Prep offers a comprehensive range of oil management resources, including an oil management guide, a range of accessories and a dedicated app  – there to help you make the most out of every drop of Prep frying oil.


Find out more about oil management here


The right frying oil

Choosing the right frying oil makes a huge difference. Prep high-performance frying oils last up to three times longer than ordinary frying oil – but which is the best one for you? Find out here 

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