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Prepare to celebrate the nation’s favourite takeaway

Takeaways and eateries throughout the country are getting ready to promote the UK’s signature dish on National Fish and Chip Day.

Prepare to celebrate the nation’s favourite takeaway

Backed by a nationwide marketing campaign, including social media, ads, posters and news stories, the event aims to tempt customers to treat themselves to a fish supper or Friday lunchtime feast.

It’s the perfect opportunity to promote Britain’s best-loved fast food – but is your frying oil ready?

“Fish and chips are such an integral part of UK life that customers know when the dish is cooked well,” says Prep brand manager Olivia Shuttleworth.

“For perfect results at every fry, it’s essential to use the right high-performance frying oil for the job, and to keep it in optimum condition. That will ensure the fish and chips you serve look and taste their best – and remind customers why this all-time favourite dish is still so popular!”

All Prep high performance oils are blended for different uses and frying frequencies. Check our guide to choosing the right one for you here.

To keep your oil in top condition – and fry for longer between oil changes – check our oil management tips.

In 2017, National Fish & Chip Day was one of the biggest awareness days of the year in the UK so don’t miss your chance to be part of it!

Special offers, promotions, prizes and games will be held at takeaways across the UK to entice people to celebrate the occasion.

National Fish & Chip Day is held on the first Friday of June every year to give fish and chips the recognition the dish deserves. The event is championed by The National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association and is supported by key players in the industry, including Prep parent company AAK UK.

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