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The Prep guide to good frying

Fried food is loved all over the world. From doughnuts and latkes, through chicken wings and empanadas, to fish and chips or battered Mars bars, frying seals in flavour, cooks food quickly and gives dishes a great flavour and satisfying eating quality.

The Prep guide to good frying

However, to keep your food looking and tasting great, it’s vital to follow a few rules.

Check oil temperature to make sure it’s never above 175°C. Heating it above this will degrade it more quickly and increase the risk of acrylamide formation. Invest in an accurate thermometer that’s built for the job and reaches up to 300°C. 

Don’t cram in too much food! Aim for one part food to six parts oil. More than that will make the oil temperature drop too far, resulting in greasy food and wasted oil.

Make sure food is dry. Wet foods, such as chips and potatoes, will create foam and break down your oil much faster.

Look after your oil. Skim it often to remove bits of food, cover it when not in use, filter it daily and use Prep sticks to check when it needs to be changed. See our Oil Management Guide for more tips or download the Prep Oils app on Google Play or the App Store.

Invest in a good set of kit to care for your oil. We’ve put together everything you need in our online store, with high-quality equipment that will stand the test of time, fry after fry.

Clean the fryer. Give it a good wash and dry it thoroughly between oil changes.

Choose a good-quality, high-performance oil that is right for the job. Using the wrong type of oil for your purposes can mean either throwing money away or affecting your food quality. Use our handy tool to help you choose the one for you.

Keep up with legislation. For example, earlier this year new rules on acrylamides were introduced. We’ve put together a guide to the new law and what you need to do to comply with it: Download it here 

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