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Unique Prep app puts oil management training at caterers’ fingertips

Great-tasting and good-looking food is one of the biggest draws at the Casual Dining Show, the annual gathering of the biggest names in foodservice.

Unique Prep app puts oil management training at caterers’ fingertips

But frying great food means getting the basics right. And that was the message from Prep, when we showed visitors how our new oil management app could help them get the very best performance from their oil.

Developed by Prep’s oil management specialists who visit customers’ kitchens with their industry-leading training and troubleshooting courses, the app is the first of its kind in the UK.

We showed caterers and chefs how the animated app covered best oil management practices, tips on testing oil and knowing when to change it, and five training modules covering safety, long life, quality, the discard stage, and equipment and efficiency.

Some visitors challenged us with questions about problems they encountered with their frying oil. We showed them how the Prep app’s troubleshooting section addressed commonly reported issues such as smoking, foaming and discoloration. We were able to take visitors through a series of questions to identify the probable cause – and to offer a solution.

“Am I using the wrong oil?” was another question that cropped up. The Prep app includes a simple tool that matches a frying oil to the customer’s own usage and individual circumstances – something that visitors told us would take the guesswork out of choosing oil.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” one visitor told us. “It’s like having an oil management training course in an app.”

At Prep, we supply good-quality, long-lasting oils for all catering settings, and we pride ourselves on using our expertise to help customers save time and money and ensure great-tasting food at every fry. So we’re very happy to be able to offer this additional level of help and advice to every caterer and chef who needs it.


The Prep app is available at the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

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