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Visit the NEW Prep Oil Management Shop on Amazon

You can now buy Prep’s oil management tools and kits online via our new Amazon store 

Visit the NEW Prep Oil Management Shop on Amazon

The Prep Oil Management Shop makes all our guides and tools available to every caterer who wants to use industry-leading techniques that will improve the quality of their food and extend the life of their oil.

Using the full collection of tools will give optimum results, but just something as simple as regular filtering or using our Prep clean oil testing sticks to check the quality of the oil can make a big difference and save a lot of time and money.

Not only does food look and taste better, keeping customers returning, but the oil also lasts longer between changes and the kitchen is a safer place to work.


Products include:

  • A stainless steel thermometer with meat, fish poultry and chip indicators to ensure food is fried at the correct temperature
  • Prep Sticks to check oil colour against a chart showing when oil should be changed
  • A training DVD taking the viewer through all the stages of oil management
  • A specially designed, long-handled, stainless steel skimmer to remove food particles left in the oil
  • A FULL oil management kit: outstanding value for money!


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Top 10 tips for good oil management

Prep lasts longer than other extended-life oils – but any frying oil must be looked after properly to obtain the best results from it.

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