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How to choose

Choosing a frying oil is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a caterer.

Using the incorrect oil could be having a negative effect on your business, if you are under using your oil you are throwing away money and if you are overusing your oil this could be affecting food quality.  By using the right oil for your frying needs you can optimise your spend on oil whilst reaping many other benefits.

Answer these four quick questions to find out which Prep long life frying oil is right for your business.

Q1 How often do you use your fryer?
Couple of times a week
More than once a day
Q2 How many meals do you prepare each day?
Up to 50
Between 50-100
Between 100-150
Q3 How many fried items are on your menu?
Between 1-5
Between 5-10
Above 10
Q4 Do you prefer to use rapeseed Oil?

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