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Prep Lasts Longer

Longer life – the science behind it

Prep frying oils last up to three times longer than standard extended life frying oil. By standard extended life frying oils*, we mean a vegetable oil which has had an anti-foaming agent added to it to extend its useful life. This is the minimum quality oil that is typically used in commercial kitchens.

Long life oils, such as those in our Prep range, have been further processed and blended to achieve greater performance than standard extended life oil.

  • Prep Multi – light duty oil – quality extended life vegetable oil
  • Prep Multi Plus – medium duty oil – lasts two times as long as standard extended life oil*
  • Prep ZT – heavy duty oil – lasts two and a half times as long as standard extended life oil*
  • Prep Ultra – super heavy duty oil – lasts three times as long as standard extended life oil*

To achieve these benefits, you must take care of your oil. Click here to see our Top 10 Tips.


*Typical values verified against laboratory rancimat tests at 120°C to bring oil to discard point. Source AAK (UK) Ltd

Prep lasts longer - The Fry Life Quality Window

The life of your frying oil depends on many factors – such as type of food, frying temperature, and oil maintenance regime. That’s why we use the Rancimat test to make accurate comparisons under laboratory conditions.

In a controlled environment, we replicate the conditions in an idling fryer to measure the time taken to oxidise oil, using the industry standard of 20 litres of air per hour, heated to 120˚C.

This is how we measured the performance of extended oil against that of the Prep Oil Range from start-up to discard point. The graph opposite shows that Prep Long Life Oils have a longer fry quality window than standard extended life oils, meaning better food quality, fewer oil changes, less waste and reduced down time.

The result? The Prep Long Life Oil Range improves performance and saves money - Prep lasts longer!

Longer life – check out the benefits

Prep long life frying oils have been carefully blended to deliver better performance than standard life frying oils. This means, quite simply, that it will last for longer. So if you switch to a long life frying oil, such as Prep, you will:

  • Saving money - by using the right oil for your frying needs you can optimise your spend on oil 
  • Reduce waste – by discarding less used oil
  • Save time – by needing to change your oil and clean your fryer less frequently
  • Food quality - by ensuring great tasting and looking food at every fry
  • Safety- by ensuring the oil is used correctly for a safe kitchen enivronment

With four key Prep frying oils to choose from, for light, medium, heavy and super heavy duty frying applications, we can provide the perfect oil for your operation. 

Use our ‘How to choose’ questionnaire to find the right Prep oil for your business.

To achieve these benefits, you must take care of your oil. Click here to see our Top 10 Tips.

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