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Chef’s Helper

Multi menu use and application

The benefits are clear to see, but what about Whirl in application?

Whirl can be used across your menu- to shallow fry, bake, glaze, grill, in a sauce or as an ingredient.

From sauces and starters to main courses and desserts!  The possibilities are endless and simple. Even where a recipe states cold, solid butter (such as for a crumble), there is a way it can be adapted. 

Using a butter substitute is straightforward. Simply use as you would butter without the need to wait for it to melt or keep the temperatures low for fear of scorching or spitting.

From crunchy crumble and crispy pastry, to fluffy waffles and perfect pancakes, simply stir into your mixture.

75% Whirl, 100% inspiration

For slightly more complex recipes simply adopt the 75/25 rule - 75% Whirl to 25% liquid (e.g. water or milk) to create the same result as butter at a fraction of the cost. Add your ingredients into a food processor or cake mixer for tempting bakes with soft butter icing and ultra-smooth buttercream.

Chef’s Helper

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