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Simple to use, simply delicious

  • Save vital fridge space and reduce waste - no need to refrigerate Whirl with 12 months’ ambient shelf life.
  • Save time: no need to clarify, melt or reduce – use Whirl straight from the bottle.
  • When shallow frying, Whirl does not burn or discolour pans.
  • Sauces are a breeze as Whirl doesn’t curdle or split.
  • Give vegetables a rich, even, buttery sheen – no melting or stirring.
  • Simple to brush onto pastry and scones.
  • Oil panini and toastie grills with Whirl while giving food a golden, crispy texture.
  • Makes sauces a cinch – Whirl blends quickly and easily with ingredients such as egg yolk.
  • Easy to handle 4L bottles, with dispensers available for perfect portion control.

Whirl tastes as good as butter and better than margarine, but is far more convenient to use and store.

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