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Love the taste of butter? Love Whirl

Rich Butter Flavour

As any chef or caterer knows, flavour is the most important element of any dish. Whether dining out for a special occasion, or enjoying daily meals in an education or care setting, people want their food to taste good.

Students can concentrate better when they eat a well balanced meal. Diners return to restaurants when their food tastes great and the caterer or chef’s job is simpler when ingredients are convenient – and when they know all their effort will result in a delicious-tasting dish.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what caterers and chefs have told us. Then why not try Whirl for yourself? Request a free sample today!


'The taste of Whirl is fantastic. The buttery flavour delivers in a multitude of dishes from savoury sauces to puddings.' Celebrity chef Ben Bartlett


Dining trends come and go, food fads change, but flavour never goes out of fashion. That’s why Whirl is so popular in kitchens where keeping customers happy is a priority.

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