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Be inspired with our new Whirl videos!

Whirl is a kitchen saviour for many chefs. A liquid butter substitute, it’s cost effective, healthier than butter, simple to store and packed with authentic buttery flavour – and it’s incredibly easy to use.

It saves time, as it doesn’t have to be clarified, melted or reduced. It doesn’t burn, spit, scorch or discolour pans when shallow frying, or curdle or split when used in sauces. It blends quickly and easily with other ingredients and can simply be brushed onto scones, pastries and vegetables.


Seeing is believing …

To showcase the convenience and versatility of our Whirl products, we’ve filmed it in action. Our new videos can be found here (LINK:

They are designed to inspire chefs and show them how they can get the most out of our liquid butter substitute.


Whether you use Whirl already and are looking to discover new ways in which it can be used, or have never used a liquid butter substitute but fancy reaping the benefits, our videos shine a light on Whirl in application.


They give clear, step-by-step guidance for chefs on how to recreate classic dishes in their own kitchen using Whirl products.


We’ve focused on simple Garlic Dough Balls, using Garlic & Herb Whirl, and a tasty Apple and Peach Crumble using original Whirl. For those in need of guidance on how Whirl can be used in more technical bakes, we’ve also included a stunning Cheese Soufflé recipe 


Head over to our Inspiration page and check them out!

Be inspired with our new Whirl videos!

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