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Bring exciting flavour fusions to your menu with new Garlic & Herb Whirl

Convenient, versatile and infused with authentic flavour, our new Garlic & Herb Whirl provides a quick and easy way to deliver a rich taste to dishes across your menu.

What is Garlic & Herb Whirl?

Inspired by butter, it is a blend of rapeseed and palm oil, infused with garlic and herbs. What’s unique about it is that the herbs are in suspension in the bottle. This means they don’t settle at the bottom, so when you pour it, you’ll always get plenty of herbs.


How can it be used?

Garlic & Herb Whirl can be used in a wide variety of applications, in a broad range of dishes. From shallow frying, grilling and baking, to simple glazing and sauces, it is an ideal way to add a burst of flavour – saving time and money on making an infused oil or butter from scratch!


Simply brush it on dough to create tasty garlic bread, add it to a frying pan to sear scallops or prawns, or stir it into a basic white sauce to create a creamy garlic pasta dish. With summer coming up and barbecue season almost upon us, use Garlic & Herb Whirl to glaze skewers of chicken and vegetables, steak or seabass before grilling to add flavour.


Is it a cost-effective alternative to butter and oil?

With uncertainty over butter prices, Whirl has been created to provide pubs, restaurants, casual dining outlets and QSRs with a valuable, versatile ingredient to help maintain net margins. Reduce cost by over 30% by using Whirl instead of butter!


In addition, it saves time that would have been spent by chefs chopping fresh herbs and cloves of garlic to infuse butter and oils – Garlic & Herb Whirl is a ready-made solution. And it has a long shelf life – once open, Garlic & Herb Whirl can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.


Is it healthy? Is it suitable for a range of dietary requirements?

Unlike original Whirl, which is a butter substitute, our Garlic & Herb variety is a new, unique product that is suitable for vegans. It has even gained accreditation from The Vegan Society. It is also suitable for vegetarians and those following a gluten-free diet, making it a versatile ingredient that can be used in dishes across your menu.


In terms of health, Garlic & Herb Whirl is 65% lower in saturated fats, and higher in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats than butter, for example – making it a healthier alternative for your health-conscious customers and diners.


Feeling inspired? Ready to give it a go?

To find out how you can incorporate Garlic & Herb Whirl into your menu items, check out our NEW recipes and choose Garlic & Herb on the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.

Bring exciting flavour fusions to your menu with new Garlic & Herb Whirl

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