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Fab 4: Ways to use Whirl

Whirl has become a firm favourite with chefs looking for a butter Substitute.

Being 60% lower in saturated fat and easier to store than butter (it doesn’t need refrigerating), we can see why. You also don’t need to wait for it to melt, saving valuable time in the kitchen.

The benefits are clear to see, but what about Whirl in application?

Its possibilities are endless and switching from butter to Whirl is simple. Even where a recipe states cold, solid butter (such as for a crumble), there is a way it can be adapted.

Below, we have highlighted four fantastic ways to use Whirl – from basic dishes, to the more complex, technical methods.

Level 1: Glorious glazing

Butter-up your roasted veggies with a Whirl glaze. Simply use a pastry brush doused in Whirl and sweep over carrots, parsnips and squash to add flavour to classic root vegetables – whether baked or grilled. Perfect for winter dishes.

Level 2: Perfect for pouring

Not only is Whirl great for pouring into the pan for basic dishes such as scrambled egg, or to shallow-fry scallops, but more adventurous recipes too. Give up ghee or oil in your curries for Whirl. Soften your onion, chilli and garlic with a dash of Whirl. It’s also great for sauces, soups, stroganoffs, stews and casseroles.

Level 3: Brilliant for baking

Straight-swap butter for Whirl in your baking. With many recipes, you don’t need to worry about conversion – simply use the same quantity of Whirl as you would butter. Create moist, gooey brownies, or use it in a dense loaf, such as lemon drizzle or lavender.

Level 4: Terrific for technical bakes

For springy sponge cakes, Whirl is the perfect solution – just make sure you add water to get the best results. Simply adopt the 75/25 rule - 75% Whirl to 25% liquid (e.g. water or milk). Our Victoria sponge and fairycakes recipe is a good example of this, so take a look for guidance.

Where a method features cold butter, such as crumbles and pastries that require rubbing to get the required texture, Whirl can still be used. Just pop the same quantity into a food processor, ensuring the blades are cold. This will mix it into a free crumb, giving the same result.

Have a dish in mind and not sure how to use Whirl in it? Give us a shout and we’ll develop a recipe conversion ratio for you.

Fab 4: Ways to use Whirl

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