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Pancake Day crêpes up on us again…

Shrove Tuesday is an early one this year – but the colder weather makes it an even better time to dish up luscious, rich pancakes loaded with moreish toppings to banish winter blues!

Of course, as anyone in the foodservice world knows, pancakes are not just for Shrove Tuesday. They’re now a 24/7 food, a versatile and delicious menu option all year round.

The perfect carrier for a huge variety of fillings, pancakes are perfect for sweet, savoury or a blend of both.

And, by switching out the butter for Whirl, the liquid butter substitute, you can cut costs, save time and lower the fat content of your pancakes.

Whether you plump for traditional English pancakes, American-style pancakes, Scotch pancakes with their thick and fluffy texture, or fine and elegant crêpes … Whirl is your friend.

Whirl is helping busy kitchens keep up with demand. One café owner told us: “It was time consuming to keep melting butter to make crêpes and waffles, so we searched for butter alternatives and found Whirl. We tried it and have never used anything else – and never will.”

Read more about Crêpe Cottage and its amazing sweet and savoury crêpes and waffles made with Whirl.

Whirl is brilliant for batter. There’s no need to melt it, it doesn’t spit, scorch or discolour while cooking. And it costs less than butter – yet it still brings that deliciously indulgent buttery flavour to any dish.

Try our recipe for American Pancakes and give the ever-popular treat a Whirl.

Pancake Day crêpes up on us again…

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