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Power-up your customers for a healthy day ahead!

Help customers get back on track with their New Year diets by offering healthy, hearty, power-packed breakfasts.

We’re talking slow-release energy that will fuel customers for the day ahead, with lots of protein, fresh fruit and even sweet potato.

Give waffles a health overhaul by adding oats to the batter and serving them with low-fat yogurt and juicy, superfood blueberries. Of course, you’ll want to offer the option of syrup, cream and chocolate sauce too, for those customers who are enjoying a day of indulgence!

With Whirl, you’ve another way to tempt customers with waffles. The liquid butter substitute is up to 60% lower in saturated fat than butter, but still has all the traditional flavour and aroma – so you can serve healthier waffles that don’t compromise on the buttery flavour that people love.

Whirl is convenient, too – it doesn’t have to be refrigerated or melted and it blends quickly and easily into the waffle batter.

On a cold, frosty morning, nothing keeps snack cravings at bay quite like a hearty cooked breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, veggie sausages, sautéed mushrooms, omelettes and lean bacon make delicious, protein-packed breakfasts that will perfectly accessorise the fitness trackers customers got for Christmas!

Whirl brings a deliciously rich and luxurious touch to cooked breakfasts, without the high fat or high cost. As it’s a vegetable oil it can also cook at high temperature without scorching or splitting. It’s a dream for breakfast chefs racing against the clock.

Give it a Whirl – request a free sample here!

Power-up your customers for a healthy day ahead!

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