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Simple summer crowd pleasers with Whirl

Summer provides lots of menu inspiration. Crisp, leafy salads, barbecued meats and light desserts provide the perfect base for flavour creativity. Alongside the fruit, vegetables and herbs that are in season, ensure you invest in cost-effective, multi-functional base ingredients that can be used across your menu.

Whirl is designed to make life easier for chefs. You can use it to shallow fry, bake, glaze, grill, stir into a sauce or add as an ingredient – it’s so versatile

Here are a few ideas on how it can be used to deliver crowd pleasers this summer …


Amazing grazing

During the summer months, diners favour light bites and sharing platters. This also ties in with food FOMO – where people want to try a variety of foods at once and sample different flavours, so they don’t miss out.


Rustle up mini quiches and tarts to pop on a board using Original Whirl. Serve with a selection of meats such as chorizo, salami and Parma ham, along with cheese, sundried tomatoes and mini bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese.


For a vegan sharing platter, try a Tex Mex twist. Load up tacos with pulled jackfruit marinated in smoky BBQ sauce, grilled peppers and onions, with ramekins of guacamole and salsa. Serve with mini bowls of vegan macaroni cheese, spicy rice and refried beans.


Fabulous flatbreads

Another idea is to add a range of flatbreads to the menu as an alternative to classic pizza. These are great as a base for meats and salads. Customisation and personalisation are big trends, so let customers build their own.


Brush rolled dough with Garlic & Herb Whirl and bake, before topping with delights such as sundried tomatoes, thinly-sliced red onion and torn mozzarella, with fresh rocket piled on top. For meat-lovers, add spicy slow-cooked lamb with crumbled feta and jewels of pomegranate.


Diners can even choose a few options and ‘tear and share’ with friends.


BBQ heaven

Summer is prime time for BBQ dishes. Thread chunks of steak and chicken with peppers and onions through a skewer, before brushing with Garlic & Herb Whirl. Cook on a chargrill for that authentic barbecue flavour. Serve with fresh, crisp salad leaves for a healthy menu option.


For those with a sweet tooth …

Ice cream sundaes are a firm favourite on summer menus – add an indulgent twist by adding luxurious ingredients. Mix scoops of vanilla ice cream with chunks of peanut butter cookie, fudge and popcorn, before drizzling with toffee sauce made using Original Whirl


For vegan customers, bake a tray of plant-based brownies and cut into bitesize chunks. Add to scoops of vegan chocolate ice cream for a dairy-free, but delicious sundae.

Simple summer crowd pleasers with Whirl

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