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Veganuary? Pull it all together with the buttery taste of Whirl

Vegan. Plant-based. It’s saving the planet and making us all healthier. But how do you actually make it interesting enough to put on a menu time and time again?

Colourful pictures of bowls crammed with beans, pulses, raw veg and cous cous may look beautiful, but realistically, they’re not going to be the top menu choice for most people eating out.


This is where you need Unsalted Vegan Whirl. The plant-based butter alternative is perfect for creamy sauces, fabulous bakes, crumbly pastry and the most gorgeous roast or sautéed vegetables and protein – all with a rich, buttery taste that makes all the difference.

Simply swap out the plain vegetable oil for Whirl, and crank up the flavour.

Add Whirl to the pan when you’re crisping up tofu or cooking onions and vegetables for a vegan curry or pasta dish. Drizzle Whirl over potatoes and veg for flavourful roasting, or stir into a roux with plant-based milk for creamy sauces. Try our plant-based macaroni cheese or vegan butter curry.

Serving pizza or pasta? Whirl Garlic & Herb brings instant flavour and butteriness to garlic bread, dough balls and garlic mushrooms, and adds punch to pasta sauces and pizza bases.

Whirl is as tasty as butter, but with the convenience of an oil – it cooks at high temperatures without burning, splitting or scorching and it doesn’t need to be melted or clarified. Put it straight into the pan or mixer – even for shortcrust pastry! Fancy putting vegan treats on the menu? How about vegan chocolate brownies?


Plus, Whirl is up to 65% lower in saturated fat than butter, which means it’s also a lighter option.

Look out for more plant-based recipes – and if you’d like to try Unsalted Vegan Whirl for yourself, get in touch.

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