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Whirl on the street is …

Street food has become a firm favourite on the UK foodie scene. In fact, the street food market has grown faster than the total fast food market, with over 2,000 businesses and a value of more than £1.2bn in 2018.

According to, 24% of British consumers are buying street food at least once a month, which is great news for independent chefs and caterers who are taking their food al fresco.

Although demand is strong, the logistics of rustling up restaurant-quality food from a small footprint in a truck can be challenging. With limited resource, juggling the service of high-quality food at a fast pace can make or break a reputation.

This is where convenient, multi-functional ingredients come in – such as liquid butter substitutes like Whirl, which is a favourite amongst independent caterers.

Our Original, Unsalted and Unsalted Vegan Whirl  don’t have to be refrigerated, meaning street food vendors can save valuable fridge space for other ingredients.

As it doesn’t have to be melted, it saves cooking time, so you can keep queues down by delivering quick service. With our Garlic & Herb version, chefs don’t have to worry about storing, or chopping, fresh ingredients – it is ready to use, and still delivers a rich, authentic flavour.

Give it a Whirl...

It’s multi-functional, too. It can be used in a wide range of dishes, either sweet or savoury, for shallow frying, grilling, baking, glazing or pouring into sauces – one bottle can tick a few boxes! Our Unsalted Vegan Whirl makes it easy for street food vendors to offer plant-based alternatives, as demand continues to grow for meat and dairy-free alternatives.

Interested to know how you can use Whirl in your street food operation? Check out our recipes for inspiration.

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