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Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast


  • 10 Boneless Chicken Breasts (7-8oz)
  • 300g Onions
  • 300g Frozen Leaf Spinach
  • 250g Celery
  • 300g Large Flat Mushrooms
  • 1.5ltr Chicken Stock
  • 1 Egg Size 3
  • 200g Grated Parmesan
  • 130g Whirl
  • 20g Fresh Garlic
  • 300g Main crop carrots


  • 70g Whirl
  • 200g Cherry Tomatoes
  • 80g Plain Flour
  • 50g Fresh Parsley
  • 100ml Whipping Cream


  1. Thaw out the spinach and remove as much liquid as possible
  2. Peel, crush and finely chop the garlic
  3. Clean and finely chop the mushrooms
  4. Clean and roughly chop the onions, carrots and celery to form a bed of roots.
  5. Place 100g of the 130g of Whirl into a pan and fry off the garlic, add the mushrooms, cook through for a few moments, add the drained spinach and mix well together. Allow to heat through and remove from heat.
  6. Finish off with Parmesan, and season well. Bind together with beaten egg.
  7. Remove the fillet from the back of the chicken and flatten out.
  8. Slice three quarters of the way through the chicken horizontally and open out to form a heart shape. Lightly bat out and place the fillet in the centre.
  9. Place a portion of the stuffing down the centre. Wrap the chicken round and seal in the stuffing by wrapping a slice of streaky bacon round in a spiral fashion.
  10. Lay the bed of roots in the base of a deep baking pan, together with any left over stuffing. Lay the finished chicken on top and cover the roots with 0.5ltr of chicken stock.
  11. Brush the chicken with the remaining Whirl. Bring to the boil on top of the stove and then bake with a lid on for 15-20 minutes in a moderate oven 180°C 350°F


  1. Place 70g of Whirl and the flour together in a saucepan, and cook out to form a fawn roux.
  2. Bring the remaining stock to the boil and let down the roux to form a coating sauce.
  3. Cook out, stirring frequently to prevent burning.
  4. When chicken is cooked, strain off the stock and reduce down to a dessert spoon in quantity.


  1. Add the reduced stock and the cream. Check seasoning and texture. Do not re-boil.
  2. Place a portion on the plate.
  3. Slice the chicken into 5-6 scallops and lay on the sauce with the stuffing just showing. Garnish with Cherry tomato and parsley.

Note: This dish would normally be served with pasta.

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