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Grilled Seabass Fillet with Garlic and Herbs


1  Seabass Fillet

20ml  Whirl Garlic and Herb

50g  Plain Flour

Salt and Pepper


1.Preheat a shallow frying pan to a medium heat with a little vegetable oil
2.Place the flour in a shallow dish big enough to take the seabass fillet
3.Season the plain flour with salt and pepper
4.Prepare the seabass fillet, leaving the skin on and removing any bones
5.Lightly score the skin of the seabass
6.When the pan has heated up, lightly flour both sides of the seabass and place skin side down into the frying pan, pushing down if necessary to prevent the fish from curling
7.Cook for 2 – 3minutes and then turn over when the skin is crispy and golden
8.Reduce the heat and add in the Whirl Garlic and Herb
9.Baste the seabass fillet for the next 3-4 minutes as the fillet cooks through
10.Serve immediately with desired accompaniment

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