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Seared Garlic and Herb Scallops


1 tbsp.  Vegetable Oil

2 tbsp.  Whirl Garlic and Herb

10  Shelled scallops

2   Young leeks

1 tbsp.  Chopped Parsley


1.Top and tail the leeks then cut into thin strips to look like tagliatelle
2.Steam the leek trips until soft and tender
3.Remove and set a side
4.In a large frying pan heat 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil until hot
5.Dry the scallops on kitchen paper
6.Place the scallops in the frying pan and colour on 1 side over the high heat (~ 2 minutes)
7.Turn over the scallops
8.Add the Whirl Garlic and Herb to the frying pan and baste the scallops with the Garlic and Herbs
9.Using a fork, wind a nest leeks and place in the base of a large bowl
10.Remove the scallops from the pan and place on top of the leeks
11.Drizzle the Garlic and Herb from the frying pan on top of the scallops and serve with chopped parsley

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